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A couple posing and smiling at each other in the Fun Farm apple orchard.
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The Fun Farm

The Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch got its start when two traditional farmers, Tommy and Anna Christopher, decided to opt for a simple and more convenient way to sell their pumpkins. 

But, they didn’t stop there. What started from an effort to sell their pumpkins, quickly turned into over 300 acres of a full-fledged, fun-loving experience packed with family activities for all ages to enjoy together.

All of the sights, sounds, and family activities you find at the Fun Farm are because two people wanted to do something memorable and fun for their community. The Fun Farm is the place for pumpkin buying, apple picking, corn maze exploring, cider sipping, fun-seeking people to go. 

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always more. More memories to make, funnel cakes to be eaten, treats to buy, animals to feed, laughs to be had, and stories to share. Start your adventure!

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